BIPOC Health Professional Student Collective

CHIP, in partnership with BeWELL, launched a new organization during the Spring semester of 2021, the “BIPOC Health Professional Student Collective.” 

During the CHIP Leadership conference in fall 2020, two members of the CHIP Staff hosted a Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Collective Space as one of the conference breakout sessions. The goal of this space was to provide BIPOC students the opportunity to engage with one another in a discussion centered on their identity. Following the discussion, it was apparent that students wanted to continue this conversation and work towards making sustainable change. To continue this work, CHIP created a BIPOC affinity group specifically for health professional students. 

The goal in establishing this BIPOC Health Professional Student Collective is not only to be a space to gather around a shared identity but also an opportunity to focus on ways to make a sustainable change that addresses systemic racism. All BIPOC identified health professional students are welcome to this group. 

We encourage white health professional student allies to explore other pathways that focus on healthcare equity and racial justice in support of your BIPOC peers. 

Sign-up here if you are interesting in joining or just learning more about the Collective

BIPOC Health Professional Student Collective